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The 5th Bristol St Lukes Scout Group is one of the oldest groups in Bristol. It all began somewhere around 1907–08. We cant be sure of the exact date - it is believed that the group originated from the drum and bugle band which was formed to raise money for the building of St Annes Church which was completed around 1906. Over the years the 5th Bristol Scouts have been a big part of the local community providing the opportunity for thousands of Young People to experience scouting. Some stayed for a year or two, others for much longer, but no matter how long they stayed I am sure they learned many a skill, made good friends and had a great deal of fun. If you would like your son to experience scouting at the 5th, please contact us. Or if you were once a member and want to put something back in return for all that scouting gave you, then why not come and help us? Even if you have had nothing to do with scouting but feel you want to help the youth of Brislington, please get in touch.

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